English Nr. 198 Poezie

Within us

There is a dream motel
where lights are always on.
The door is open and
we drop in one by one.

In rooms we can explore
the silver moon and the golden sun
frame our souls
laying their rays on the floor.

Right now the inner light
is rising.
We can‘t ignore our disguise.
And modestly we have to admit
this inner place isn‘t built
for us alone.

I hear the call of the outside world.
Look deep inside where everything
is written, breathing air and
thinking that anything
could be a copy of

We follow the light
which leads us to the feeling
of our core, of others
and till we don’t decide
to connect, we’ll
live two different lives
within ourselves.

Illustration by Galya Popova

Susține Literomania

Despre autor

Marco Grosse

Marco Grosse, born in Buenos Aires in 1974 from German father and Italian mother, works as a writer, translator and teacher. Due to the diplomatic work of his father he lived in Canada, Egypt, Italy and Germany. He studied Law in Milan and in Bonn, pursuing with Linguistic and Cultural Mediation. In Italian language, he published the short story collections „I giardini imperiali”, De Ferrari, „2006” and „Pioggia”, De Ferrari, 2010. In German, he published a book with short stories titled „Die Grenze liegt am Horizont”, Bernstein-Verlag, 2013; the poem collections „Flügelkunde”, Horlemann Verlag, 2014; „Die Erschließung des Meeres”, MolokoPrint, 2016, „Flüsterndes Licht”, Haymon Verlag, 2017, a chain poem together with Nora Gomringer, Annette Hagemann, Ulrich Koch and Klaus Merz; and again a book with poems titled „Orte”, MolokoPrint, 2017.

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