English Nr. 120 Poezie

Those days when we shot polaroids

How many times were we disappointed
those days, when we shot polaroids,
when the picture, minutes later, after it
was spit out through the small slot
and we had to wait till it finished developing
while we reached out for perfection
as we considered the imperfect
a mistake?

When we crossed the line
with new technologies
we realised it wasn’t what
we were searching for.
Life was different and
beauty was different, too.
Perfection became imperfect
and the imperfect felt
perfect again.

Illustration by Galya Popova

Susține Literomania


Despre autor

Marco Grosse

Marco Grosse, born in Buenos Aires in 1974 from German father and Italian mother, works as a writer, translator and teacher. Due to the diplomatic work of his father he lived in Canada, Egypt, Italy and Germany. He studied Law in Milan and in Bonn, pursuing with Linguistic and Cultural Mediation. In Italian language, he published the short story collections „I giardini imperiali”, De Ferrari, „2006” and „Pioggia”, De Ferrari, 2010. In German, he published a book with short stories titled „Die Grenze liegt am Horizont”, Bernstein-Verlag, 2013; the poem collections „Flügelkunde”, Horlemann Verlag, 2014; „Die Erschließung des Meeres”, MolokoPrint, 2016, „Flüsterndes Licht”, Haymon Verlag, 2017, a chain poem together with Nora Gomringer, Annette Hagemann, Ulrich Koch and Klaus Merz; and again a book with poems titled „Orte”, MolokoPrint, 2017.

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