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Don‘t hurry up

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We were waiting for wind
that never came.

Flags were hanging
loose from masts
and the flat sea revealed
that nothing would change
anytime soon.

A voice from a radio read
the weather forecast,
but it was too far away.
Children were playing ball
on the shore, others building
a castle of their dreams.

Divers were preparing their boat
and those who were laying in the sun
were laying in the sun.

We just gave up waiting.
And had plenty of time.

Illustration by Galya Popova
More paintings by Galya Popova, here

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Despre autor

Marco Grosse

Marco Grosse, born in Buenos Aires in 1974 from German father and Italian mother, works as a writer, translator and teacher. Due to the diplomatic work of his father he lived in Canada, Egypt, Italy and Germany. He studied Law in Milan and in Bonn, pursuing with Linguistic and Cultural Mediation. In Italian language, he published the short story collections „I giardini imperiali”, De Ferrari, „2006” and „Pioggia”, De Ferrari, 2010. In German, he published a book with short stories titled „Die Grenze liegt am Horizont”, Bernstein-Verlag, 2013; the poem collections „Flügelkunde”, Horlemann Verlag, 2014; „Die Erschließung des Meeres”, MolokoPrint, 2016, „Flüsterndes Licht”, Haymon Verlag, 2017, a chain poem together with Nora Gomringer, Annette Hagemann, Ulrich Koch and Klaus Merz; and again a book with poems titled „Orte”, MolokoPrint, 2017.

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